Dear Sainsbury (and other huge supermarkets),
I strongly disagree with GMO foods being sold such as soy beans or even animals which were fed food that has been genetically modified. If you must – labeling MUST be in place that would be easy to understand and instantly draw attention. Food which doesn’t naturally appear must NOT be eaten by anybody – whether it’s an animal or a person. I am a vegan and GMO fed animals do not directly affect me though there are masses of people who are not even familiar with the concept or have no other choice than to buy this food (especially, if it’s not being LABELED). I truly understand that you are a huge capitalistic chain which is interested in profit. However, not telling the whole story behind the foods you deliver to people is lying and I do still have hope that your big bosses still might have enough morals to be able at least label all food accurately. If that is not going to change, you are going to lose customers like me. I’m willing to grow my food or buy from farmers. Also, I will make sure that everybody who I know is aware of things happening at the moment. At this point I don’t care how much time I’ll need to spend and how much effort to make in order to make your chain look like what you are. And you know who you are.
Have a nice day for whoever is reading. Please have a think about this and think if you want your children, parents or other family members and friends consume the foods you produce or anything from this chain that supports this idea. Illusions must stop.