Because of Sainsbury’s current 50% off promotion, I decided to do my big stock-shop of the year this evening using their online service for the first time. I spent over an hour adding items to my virtual shopping basket. Booked my delivery slot and placed my order – almost £500 worth of shopping – all okay, I thought.

Then I remembered I’d forgotten to add squash to the basket, so I went back into my account to modify my order. I had a call from my Mom after I added the squash, so I got distracted, and the system auto-logged me out after 15 minutes. Not a problem, I thought – I’ll just log in and do it again.

But when I went into my account, it had no record of any orders or forthcoming deliveries. It had lost all the details of my huge order! I’d spent an age putting it together and getting it right – but my basket was empty and my account history was entirely blank.

I’m hoping for an apology from Sainsbury’s at the least, although it would probably take vouchers to get me to shop online with them again now. The whole thing was very frustrating.