Hi everybody. I thought I would just complain about my local shop. Not as if I stress this enough but my local shop named “Nisa Local” has only 3 girls working there and when i have my shopping, i witness the three girls in the corner just chatting. “Oh my god , Ashley is dating Micheal?”
“Not just yet, since Micheal said she had chubby hips!!” I’m so annoyed and just thought I should of ranted this somewhere. All I’m saying they should do is hire someone professional, or at least a self service like some more advanced shops such as Asda. Sometimes I feel like just running out of the store. I try to remind them but they’re like my sister as a kid, So Lazy! I’m starting to go to this different shop further down the road called Spar. They actually have proper working men there and actually do their job properly! This had probably happened to you to, and I hope that you find a way to solve it! Later that week, I found out that the girls get nearly 3 times the salary! So i just thought I’d be a little nice and tip them £2-£10 every time.I’m doing much better at my new supermarket since the much cheaper prices and better service. It’s been about 1 month and a half since I last went to Nisa Local. I really hope its good news, they’ve hired someone else!
I might go back there some day but for now I’m happy at my new supermarket. I have pretty much finished my complaint but I hope Ashley forgives Micheal!