Why is everyone so miserable in London? And don’t blame the recession…it has been this way for years!! Rushing and pushing past me, with no word of thanks when I jump out of the way or hold the door open for them. Just a distracted, moody grunt or screwed up expression pointing my way. If I enter London on a high, I’m sure to exit on a low!

I love ‘people watching’, I seem to be the only one who actualy notices other people, I love looking at different fashion tastes, book choices or eating habits. But everyone else just stares aimlessly out of the window in a trance-like state, or falls asleep to escape the awful view!

I often wonder how it’s classed as one of the top cities in the world. Where is the friendliness? What happened to treat others how you would like to be treated? I used to believe in karma, but after years and years of being polite and friendly to people, only to be scoured at, makes me wonder sometimes.

At least I know I am better than that, why should I take out something that has happened to me during the day on a totally innocent person? I wont, I will smile, nod and say thank you if anyone is friendly to me.

Today a girl said “thank you very much” to me, for helping her carry her push-chair off the bus…I was astounded…and it made me realise it’s because I’m constantly helping people but never receive any gratitude.

Come on people, please don’t forget your manners.