Dear Sir

Myself and my husband have just returned tonight from your above establishment and would like to report a very serious complaint. We meet an elderly couple in their seventies every thursday night in the pub and they had not long left to get their bus home when I was aware of an old man who was at the next table constantly staring at me, which my husband knew nothing about. Even when my husband was at the bar another one of the other five men in this company came over to speak to me and I told him to go away. They were clearly all talking and having a good laugh about me for some reason, so I decided to tell my husband.

I am only 46 years of age and was feeling very uncomfortable with this whole situation, so I confronted their table to tell them what I thought about them before I returned to the seat next to my husband. We then moved seats at our table to sit with our backs to these men.

Not long after this, two members of staff approached us saying that they had received a complaint about a fight. I explained what had actually happened and Anthony said that they were regulars and why did we not move away which then made me feel like the culprit!

We then left within minutes of this discussion and I again told the table next to us what I thought of them while leaving. I then heard one of the five men threaten my husband, he was a tall muscular man with an English accent. My husband immediately shouted to Anthony who was behind the bar to come to our aid.

Anthony informed my husband that he would lodge a complaint and when my husband asked him twice for a copy of this, he never got an answer.

Because of this situation, I will never be back in this pub as I now dont feel safe in it any more which is sad because we have met our friends almost every thursday night for the last 16 years and I know that my husband also felt very intimidated this evening.

I will look forward to your reply.


Lynn Paton