The Manager or Whoever it may concern of The Harvester Restaurant (Sutton Coldfield branch)

I am writing with regards to the service I was given on December 23rd 2009 at your restaurant branch in Sutton Coldfield , Birmingham.

After deciding spontaneously to visit your establishment along with my family consisting of my mother and father we came to your restaurant to treat ourselves to a pre-festive meal (note the date) to take our minds of the stress of the past weeks with the run-up to our christmas celebrations and festivities alike.
We got off to an advantageous start having been seated quite quickly despite the busy time of evening (7.30pm) and received our drinks orders even quicker.
Yet after we had returned with our obligatory salads and after making our main course orders we had to wait almost 40 minutes whilst tables seated after us proceeded to get their meals much earlier. To add insult to injury, our table was seated adjacent to the bamboree and rotisserie where the food is stationed for pick up from one of your waiters/waitresses and to our annoyance saw our order of pasta , fish and a steak order left to dry out for a numerous amount of time and bypassed by our young waitress several times.

When she eventually preceeded to bring out our food my pasta dinner specifically was not only tepid but teh pasta had become of an inedible and rubbery consistency with an oily sauce no doubt thanks to it being left out in the open for what must have been about 15-20 minutes. I called our waitress over and politely explained that it was not satisfactory and asked if she could take it away and due to the fact time was getting on just ordered a side order of chips. She gave a surly look of indignation and proceeded to snatch my plate away and return with my side order of chips which were hard and fairly cold. Just wanting to leave the restaurant as soon as possible I ate the chips and my mother and father , whose meals incidentally were not exactly presentable commented on the waitress’s rude behaviour. We got our bill (after another ridiculous wait) to find that not only had she charged us for my poor excuse for a meal but also my chips at a very overpriced rate. My mother called the girl and todl her thus stating it was unfair to pay such prices. She gave anotehr surly look and explained it was policy and just walked away. We spoke to one of your supervisor’s complaining that maybe the girl’s agewas a factor and the festive hustle had soured her some , nevertheless her attitude and the food had been absolutely appalling. He very kindly gave us our dinner for free after agreeing the situation was most unreasonable.
I however in summary felt obligated to write this letter to stress that your staff should be better trained particularly the young girl in question on the importance of ettiquette and decency to paying customers who in fairness had been nothing but reasonable in a situation where they should have become very hostile.

I do hope you have taken these comments into consideration and will utilise the information well

Yours Sincerely

Miss L.Ford