It really annoys me that all electrical retailers in the UK bar none that successfully sell overpriced HDMI cables to unwitting consumers. They tell consumers that these cables will make a real difference to their viewing experience which is an absolute lie.

These cables are digital they either work or they don’t. They should not be confused with analogue cables which do have a direct effect upon the quality of the signal being transmitted. However, even with these unless you have superhuman hearing or bionic sight you should not get carried away with this. Many people will be better off just giving their ears a good clean or getting a new pair of glasses.

With the help of the internet consumers can and do research and buy the best high-definition televisions and blu-ray players they can afford from the cheapest retailer only to fall at the final hurdle by getting ripped off with an overpriced HDMI cable.

Spending £100 on a expensive cable will make absolutely no difference to your high-definition viewing experience. You may as well just get a cheap one for a £10 and send Mr. Currys or Mr. Dixons a cheque for £90.