I have just submitted a complaint, but not sure if it sent ok. Please acknowledge.

Just incase – I bought a 3 seater settee and chair from Swindon and it was delivered just in time for Xmas. The service in the store was excellent, as well as the delivery service. BUT I have to plump up the cushions every time I sit on it. I was shown in the store how to plump up the cushions, but was not aware that I would have to do it every time I sat on the thing. Before you ask, I live on my own, and I weigh 8st 10lbs. I am retired, and bought the suite to last my days out, but I think that might come sooner than I thought if I keep having to plump up these cushions. If I don’t, then the settee becomes extremely uncomfortable to sit on.
Please can you rectify this for me as I am already having a lower back ache.

Kind regards
Carole Gregory (Mrs)