Dear Saxon Mortgage
P.O. Box 161489
Fort Worth, Tx 76161

Re: Loan Modication Department:

I writing this letter to tell your company the injustice you have done to me as a 75 year old woman. I have been paying mortgage to your company for 4 years now. Each year it gets harder and harder to make my payments. I have recently signed up for your Loan Modification Program. Your company had me sign and notarize papers. Your company promise to modify my loan after 3 months of the trial payments. I made my trial payments on time and after the three months., I have not received my loan modification. This is now going on 6 months and I don’t see the reason why I haven’t been modified.

By law you are suppose to modify homes that were in foreclosure. Well we were in foreclosure until the government and Obama gave bailout money to you mortgage companies. You are suppose to help people keep there homes by lower there mortgages. You have not. You have prolonged my loan so I no longer qualify for the government bailout and now we have to deal with Saxon modification.

This was wrong on all levels. The Trail period was from JUNE – AUGUST. In September my loan was supposed to be modified. When I call you claim you were not up to me yet. You advise to continue making the trail period payments until my loan is modified. I call each month and I get the same response. The trail payment are hard to maintain. That is the reason why we are now late for this month. With me being a retiree and my son-inlaw one income and his 5 children. We are struggling.

I asking your company to have a little compassion and consideration for families who are trying to save their homes. Please modify the loans that need to been modified.