A few weeks ago i purchased an htc windows 8 from my local 02 shop in Blyth Northumberland. With it i purchased £20 of pay as you go, as a Xmas gift for my grandson. The assisant handed me a brochure to clain £30 of free vouchers from 02 I had 30 ( thirty ) days to clain the vouchers. I had to return to work the next day in Africa. So after 2 days from the date of purchase I tried to redeem the vouchers. The address stated was… htcrewards.co.uk.com I tried and tried to get to this page, to no avail. The page comes up at an American site. To register you have to supply your state, your address and zip code ???
I tried this several times, no response. On my returm home today I called into the shop where I had purchased the phone. I related to them that the web page on 02s vouchers does not exist. I was told… Nothing to do with us, contact 02 customer services which I did. Their response… Nothing to do with us. Contact the shop. I told them I had and they told me to give them the stores address/. I told them 02 Keel Row shopping centre Blyth Northumberland. hey told me, sporry MATE! We have nothing listed at that address….. I asked could they phone another store in my area and ascertain the number. Back comes the reply after an age of waiting. We have contacted the store and it is too late to claim the vouchers as more than 30 days had elapsed!!. I again explained that the site does not exist… The repl. Quote Nothing to do with me contact the store and hung up! I rang the store yet again, only to be told, sorry you’re out of the 30 day time limit. Again I explained to the assistant ” How can I be out of time when the web page does not exist.?? ”
The assistant, who appeared bored and totally disinterested then told me contact customer services. I told him I had and they referred me back to the store. He then kept me waiting for 10 minutes while he consulted his branch manager. he result was contact customer services it is nothing to do with us, goodbye!!!
I will after the holidays contact the office of fair trading. I will draft a letter to BBC watchdog. Your treatment of me was disgusting to say the least. Your customer services are an utter disgrace. Thank you for nothing 02