“Huff and a puff” The expenses scandal

Why is it that the pupil who run this country have conned and cheated the public and still have there jobs ! Of course I’m talking about the politicians or as I like to call them the most intelligent gangsters there is. That is who our nations children have to look up to. What a joke. While I believe that these men and women have no place in Parliament what can we do about it, what can we really do about it ? It’s the most infuriating circumstance I have ever occurred. It really is true that if you have the money you can get away with anything in any country. I didn’t think our country was corrupt and I really am so ashamed and embarrassed to say they are our leaders. There selfishness meets no bounds the squandering on material things while there is people starving and homeless on our street, orphans and dying children in hospitals with hospitals needing as much funding they can get it. They have the power to do so much and yet they have done so little. When is this country going to have honourable people in charge? I hope one day we can be proud of our politicians and country with a no corruption policy, not just in writing or a law but morally in all of there hearts and Britain will be the country we have all been waiting for. Well we can hope?