Dear Tesco

I am writing to complain about your diabolical ‘customer service’ (or lack of)

Whilst visiting your store last Monday I filled my trolley with about £70 worth of groceries. I had my two young children with me (ages 5 and 2) who were playing up and making my shopping experience rather stressful. Anyway, I reached the checkout and started emptying my shopping onto the conveyor belt, the cashier had a face that could curdle milk. This woman didn’t even look at me never mind say hello. She started scanning my products as I tried to carry on unloading whilst trying to keep my 2 year old from climbing out of the trolley seat and my 5 year old from running off. Anybody with half a braincell could see that I was getting flustered and stressed, this woman barely even registered I was there.

Once id emptied the contents of my trolley I made my way to the front of the checkout to find all my shopping piled up at the other end, not one single carrier bag in sight. This woman hadn’t even offered to help with my packing, she’d let everything pile up and I felt like walking out there and then. I asked for some carrier bags and started packing all my shopping, whilst still trying to keep my children under control. I actually felt like crying.

The best part of this story? This isn’t the first time this has happened in your store, but it will be the last. I will never spend a penny in your store again, I will take my hard earned cash and spend it in Asda, where the cashiers always have a smile on their face and never fail to offer to help you pack.

I suggest you give your staff some extra training and teach them about ‘service with a smile’ or better yet, don’t put people on your tills that clearly don’t want to be there and aren’t good with people.

Disgruntled ex-customer