Dear WordPress,

As a new member of your complaints website, I feel it may perhaps be a little too soon to begin airing grievances directly against you. However I am reassured that, given your line of business, you will be able to take it in the spirit it is intended.

I have just completed the process of submitting my very first letter of complaint to your site and am indeed feeling good about it; I wish to congratulate you for the cathartic effect the service you provide has. However, on noticing the subject line on the confirmation email I just received, I have to say I was a little taken aback. ‘Your submission has been recieved!’ it proudly declared. Now, I apologise if this viewpoint may seem stuffy, but I cannot help but feel that it would be good practice on your part, as an organization set up specifically for the picky, pedantic and pernickety among us, and indeed as an organization dedicated to writing, to employ a spell checker. Or indeed to employ a cursory second glance to what you have written, before OK-ing it for publication. I would assume you do not have someone manually replying to every email you receive (and if you do, how tedious for them! Please relieve them of their duties, set up an auto-reply function, and give them a real job.) and therefore I can reasonably conclude that this was an automated response. This means that, rather than this glaring gaffe being attributable to a tired drone committing an entirely forgivable typo, this line must have been pre-programmed into your system. Surely it would not be too much to ask, then, that this message be proof-read? As someone submitting a letter to your writing competition, it does not fill me with confidence to realise that the quality of my writing will be judged by an organization that is incapable of producing five consecutive correctly-spelled words.

I do of course realise that this is in all likelihood an honest mistake, and I do not truthfully mean to question your grasp of the English language. I merely wish to point out that appearances are important, and a little care goes a long way. I genuinely enjoy and appreciate the website you have set up, and look forward to using it much in the future.

Yours Sincerely,

L Dunlop