I got this letter through myletter box, It was ment for the house next door but too late, I opened it then typed it up for you guys to see. Names have been changed to protect the guilty

This is not a circular

You may be aware that your daughter “Megan” has formed a sexual relationship with a man 13 years older than herself. This man works in the same work area as your daughter and it is understood that they have sex in your house whilst you are out.

The man has deserted his wife and three year old daughter to be with Megan and as you may understand they are devastated, the little girl does not understand and neither does his wife as they only married in June last year in a ceremony where he pledged his undying love for her. They have been together for 13 years as a loving couple but now that is all destroyed due to your daughter and this liaison.

The purpose of this note is to alert you to these facts if you are unaware, if this man will commit adultery and tell lies to his wife and desert her for a younger person, leaving her with a child on her own, you may find he will do so again as he is irresponsible. Your daughter will of course be named as the “other” woman in any proceedings resulting from this matter.

There are those who say that your daughter chased him! If that is the case then she is shameful and there are names to describe such behaviour. You may agree that a relationship of a 20 years old girl and a 33 years old man is doomed long term due to the age difference!

This man is clearly besotted with your daughter, but for how long? When will it end? Who knows, but it is to be hoped that when it does they each experience some of the pain and suffering they have inflicted on innocent persons with their deceitful ways.

This matter has and continues to cause much sorrow in the families affected.