Write your leDear Customer Service,

I visited Pizza Hut, Bayswater branch, this evening to eat. I entered and there was no one to seat me. There was 5 to 6 tables empty so I set down next to the window. 5 minutes later the waitress asked me to change my table and I was not interested to change my table and requesting to order. 5 minutes later the manager came asking me way I do not want to change my table and he was kindly explaining that I am setting on 4 chairs and I must be in a 2 chairs table. I explained that I am waiting for my other 2 friends because we are going to whitely cinema and they will join me until I finish my food. He said when they come we move you again or they can wait for you till you finish eating in our waiting room, I refused as there was still more that 4 tables empty in the restaurant so I insisting to stay on the table I am already at informing the manager that I am feeling offended by this issue and when my friends come I want them to stay with me and not in another room. The manager informed me that he will not serve me until I move to a 2 chairs table and he refused to get me food. He embarrassed me in front of other people watching us. I asked to speak to his manager he said there is only me. I asked him for who is your manager he said that he has no manager and he is the only manager. I asked him who can I complain to he gave me a number saying that this is customer service and it was not, I came back requesting another number and he gave me another wrong number. Then he told me loud on my way out in front of others not to forget to tell the customer service that I did not have a reservation.

This is not acceptable. I was having a wonderful day until I met him. All what I wanted is to eat and to wait for my friends. I did not eat because he refused to serve me and the manager did not care when I told him that I feel offended from that issue. I feel that I’ve been kicked out from that branch.

I asked him to write his name to me he wrote Routtraa but I am not sure if that is his name or not because there was no name tag. I asked him how can know if that is your name as you are not wearing a name tag he said it does not matter just say the manager and they will know.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you
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