Dear Commercial Makers,

Why do you do this to us? Why do you have to put commercials in the middle of battle scenes or even in programs which are only 30 minutes anyway. But no, you can’t leave us in peace and let us finish the program, because of course, you have to stick in as much commercials as possible. Why not stick five minutes of commercials every ten minutes and make it a forty minute program instead? Commercials are most often not interesting. To put the cherry on top, they are also often LOUDER than the actual program itself. They demand your attention when truly, you really only want to ignore them. The worst part is that in the middle of the day there is a session with purely thirty minutes of commercial! And they don’t have program pauses! It’s a program of constant commercial! How come they never do that with programs? There’s never a constant, non-commercial-interrupted program. When there is a movie on, it’s even worse! They have no sensitivity to when you can put commercials in! I’m sitting there, watching Lord of the Rings, and then, in the middle of Aragorn’s speech just before the charge the Black Gate, there’s a bloody commercial! What’s wrong with you people?! Cliffhangers in movies or program are a pain too! They’re not supposed to be cliffhangers! The program did NOT make it so that you should put commercials there!

Anyway, have a nice day. Enjoy your commercial filming. Try watching TV like a normal person once, feel the pain we do.

Have a nice day.