On Fri 13/05/2011 at 11:50am at The Tuesday Bell, 4 Lisburn square, Lisburn, Co.Antrim, BT28 1TS. A small group of my work colleague went to the above wetherspoons, we are at a training course at Lisburn and we have visited this pub several times however on this ocassion we found the barman at the main bar to be very ingnorant, none of us have seen him before. The first comment I took as a bit of a joke but it was not provoked when we talked about this at the table I found that he had been ignorant to several of my other colleagues.

When we first entered we went straight to the bar as we already knew what we wanted having been several times before. Most of us ordered a Burger with a beer he asked for a table number and we pointed at a table and said “that one will do which ever number it is”. He replied “you need a table number, that is what you are supposed to do, get a table number and then order food”. I took this ok but I didnt really see what his problem was as he wasnt busy and we didnt really care where we sat.

When we gathered to the table after ordering we talked about this and my other colleague sat down after ordering and he was very angry with the barman. My friend ordered a burger and beer and was asked for £4.45 or something like that and my friend asked has the price went up as the last time we paid £3.99 if my memory is correct. His reply to my colleague was “are you sure you can afford this now” we found him to be very ignorant and not very helpfull.

Im not the sort to complain however I feel very let down and think your company should know about what happened.