London is the most magical city to go to! With it’s great West End shows, shops and great places to eat.
However you expect on a Friday that it’s going to be manic. After watching the delightful show Dirty Dancing as a birthday treat we left at 5:00 thinking we had time to spare. “Don’t worry your be able to get the coach at 8:00!!!”.

So waiting at the Garfunkel restuarent. There was a huge quene to the door. You would think a member of staff would quickly look for tables to find for their customers, but hey we will just all stand here for our health. We were waiting over 45 minutes. Staff were just walking past us and ignoring the fact there was a large quene of people there!

Eventually we were shown to a table for 4 people. The main thing we thought was order the food. So ordering simple dishes like fish and chips,
a cottage pie, spag bol and a baguette with salad would be quick to do.

If only it was that simple, when asked by a waitress what drinks we wanted, they came within 20 minutes of waiting! Then the food on top of that was 35 minutes waiting. When the food came, the cottage pie wasn’t cooked properly and the gravy was cold, the spag bol had absolutely no taste to it and no sauce on top of that, the steak in the baguette was over cooked. So instead of enjoying a meal, we literally had to rush it, in order to get a taxi at 25 to 8!!!
We asked the waitress on how to get to Victoria Station she had no idea, so that wasn’t much help. However she was polite.

On the way out, a waitress knocked into my sister carelessly, almost dropping the cups on another lady, even though it wasnt my sister’s fault she apologised politely. However this waitress, gave her the most disgusting looks and muttered words under her breath and as I was leaving muttered the world b**** under her breath.
Members of staff looked at my sister as if she was fiflth. That was the last straw, I sternly mentioned to that waitress, how dare she speak about my sister like that and where her manager was and he was no where to be seen. In the end we had to leave and quickly grab a taxi where he managed to get us to the coach station on time with 5 minutes to spare to get to the taxi. From the looks of the restuarent it looks like a very nice resturarent like Bella Italia but I wouldn’t recommend going there. The service was disgusting, 45 minutes of waiting, the food not being cooked right and waiting 20 minutes just for a drink.

If I was inspecting that place, I would happily close it down! I would also teach the staff some manners and how to treat customers and find them a place to sit immediately!

That’s one place we can cross off our list on our next trip to London! Garfunkel isn’t the name to call that place! I could think of over rude words to use!