I ordered an Apple i pad on line from Asda direct. I paid nearly £400 for this product which was in stock. Asda confirmed my order and informed me it could be picked up the following day at my local store-after 5pm.
5pm came and went and no email arrived to say the item was ready for pick up. I made a phone call and was told -yes they had the order but no-the i pad was not available for collection.
They had one at another nearby store but I would have to pay again to get it !!!
I pointed out that I had already paid but that fell on very deaf ears.
I spoke to a “manager” and apart from loads of insincere sounding apologies I got the same answer.This manager is getting her salary under false pretenses.
When I said I would like my money back I was told it would take 7-10 working days to get my hard earned cash back in my bank.
I pointed out that Asda took my money in seconds yet they would take nearly 2 weeks to return it.
Asda- you have lost a good customer. Your customer service is bad beyond belief.
Your manager was useless and a complete waste of space.
Your attitude is immoral.If I took someones money and delayed paying it back I would be accused of theft.
The sad thing is that Asda really don’t care. I would rather stick a wasp up my jumper than ever go to Asda again.