When I purchased my mobile from Tesco the offer was for 500 mins, 5000 texts and 500 mg data for £10. I told the salesman I needed as many minutes as I could so I could ring Spain using the Tesco International calling card. He then recomended I went for the £15 package which increased to 750 minutes. At no time did he tell me that I didn’t need the extra minutes as the calls to the calling card do not come from the allowance but are completely free. I only use about 80 minutes of calls a month if I try hard. I feel I was totally mis-sold the contract to boost up their sales. They will not change the tarrif (unless I put it up of course) all they keep saying Spanish calls do not come out of the minute allowance. I know that that is why I bought the calling card. I feel completely let down and de-frauded by the company.