I am an employee of Well Fargo Phone Bank in Texas and have recently had money stolen from me by the company itself.
They teach and train employees on how to profile customers’ accounts to sell them something when they call in with a simple request. We are trained to see average balances, whether or not they have a mortgage, credit card pymnts coming out,preauthorized debits and who they are to, whether they have a savings or even listening to our customers background noises for children or pets all for the purpose of selling them something ,ei,savings insurance, a loan you name it.
Why is it the bank wouldnt profile the account the same way when it comes to fees and the way they apply these fees? Like seeing the pattern for direct-depsoits and process a check instead of one day before my deposit,(thats already sitting in processing)on the day of my deposit to save me money? Since they are so concerned with saving us money. Why wouldnt they profile to see that my account is a team member profile and not destroy my morale with such technicalities? Why is it when you call to speak with a representative they try and sell me something before they actually counsel me? The agents are so busy looking through the accounts to upsell a product that theyr’e not concerned if you have fees or are about to have fees because its a call center they know you’ll call back and get someone else. Banks are giving merchants authorizations for funds to be deducted and then the bank will put the money back hence manipulating the account to make you think you have money that you dont. Those of you that are inexperienced with banking are the ones making the banks richer and richer. Your voices need to be heard to make a difference in these unjust practices.