Dear Asda,

It occurred to me whilst I was sleeping. In a dream. I procure my provisions from your Penryn store once a week at around dusk. My time in your store varies in accordance to my shopping itinerary. I use your self service check outs. The duration of use is determined by an almost perfect positive correlation to the number of objects in my goods receptacle which usually takes the form of a basket or in some instances a trolley, though I have gone off them recently.

With this in mind, there is a sum of money that is yet to be remunerated to me to cover temporary non-contractual employment between myself and Asda. I performed this work under the expectation that I would be paid for it seeing as your other staff get paid for doing the same job. I have worked at your self-service checkouts for a minimum of 5 minutes once a week for two years. I hereby enclose an invoice which I expect to be paid within 30 days of the receipt of this letter or I will begin legal proceedings to reclaim these monies.

I am self employed so I will deal with my own deductions.

Yours Sincerely,

Abe Cambridge



Date: 16/01/2010 Invoice Number: P3N15

Mr Abe Cambridge
Hours worked:
Pay Rate:
Total to Pay:

Payment Terms
Invoice Currency
Exchange rate
30 days
£ GBP Sterling
To £1.00 Sterling

The sum of £50.26 needs to be paid within 30 days either through a direct bank transfer or cheque sent to the address shown at the head of the letter above. .

If you are paying by BACS please use the details below:
Name: Mr A R Cambridge
Bank Account Number:********
Sort Code: ******