Like many people I was really looking forward to the launch today and was really impressed by the presentation, although you would have thought that Steve Jobs could have bought himself a smarter pair of jeans.

I was impressed and want to get my hand on one as soon as possible, but I just know that they will release version 2 within the year with those missing features which will really bug me. They did it with the iPhone – no 3G, no GPS, crap camera etc.

So what is the plan with the iPad what is missing and what will be included with the next version:

1. HDMI output so you can plug it into your TV to watch high-definition downloads and photo. My Sony Photo Frame has this as does my digital camera – can’t be that hard.
2. Where is the bloody camera? This device is ideal for web video conferencing. At least they have included a microphone.
3. To connect it to a camera or a memory card you need some kind of adapter that connects to the awful 30 pin connector that I always struggle with.

Anything else?

I am really worried about battery life and how much it will cost to get them replaced as you can’t do it yourself.