Dear Sir/Madam

As I struggle through the hustle of the January Sales, scanning the stores for desired items, weaving through the hordes of people I can’t help but notice; this is not as enjoyable as I remember. Feeling not so different from livestock desperately following the fellow sheep in front is hardly the luxury shopping experience.
Why do people have such difficulty walking? To move over a surface by taking steps with the feet in quick succession. One of the first skills mastered through infancy. How is it years from this mastery in the crowded walls of West Quay shopping centre this skill is simply forgotten? Where people halt directly in front of you in the middle of the walkway and tut as you walk into them, mothers force themselves through crowds by using prams as battering rams regardless if the child is inside or not, another shopper suddenly cutting across your field of vision causing you to halt to prevent head on collision, angry shoppers barge their way past taking that moment to glare back at you as if it is your fault for being tangible. Why do we just fall apart in crowds? I come back from what should have been an eventful trip with high blood pressure cursing why I even left the haven of my home. All it takes is a little courtesy, a little spatial awareness and this issue would be eradicated. Do I believe it will ever happen? No, next time I’ll shop on a weekday.

Yours truly,
Pissed of shopper