Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to inform you about the lack of hygiene at your leisure centre. On behalf of the public, I seek improvements to be made at this dirty leisure centre. I believe that writing this letter will help you think about more advanced progresses to be made.

It is essential to attract the public and get them to approach your leisure centre. If you hadn’t noticed, the paint on the walls is falling off, rust is taking over the poles and fungi are growing upon the roof. These are definitely not the expectations the public want. I suggest you spend a reasonable amount of money to repair these errors. I guarantee you that this will attract many of the public.

Secondly, the swimming pools are in tragic and disgusting states! Mould has taken up the outline of the pool and the water is freezing cold. There are no seats for any audience so no-one can watch their children swim if they are having lessons. You must change and heat the water of the swimming very often as no members of the public would ever like to swim or play in dirty water.

My last point is that, you are very short on supplies of fitness. The gym is nearly empty and is merely filled with any fitness machines. You need a full supply of these to impress the public. Imagine you had many people wanting to try out your gym. How could they work out if they need to queue up to use a machine? Also, they can’t be so rusty that be used.

Above all, I hope this letter has really helped you to improve your leisure centre and make it become to hygienic as I was aiming for.

Yours Sincerely,