I applied to raise money against an old works pension I had invested with Legal & General Assurance. I was given a quote by Legal & General on 24/6/10 that £859.58 would be deducted from the funds which they called the M.V. adjustment.
Without even warning me three weeks later when they transferred the funds they had deducted £1659.58 an incredible 100% increase on the original quote. At least Dick Turpin wore a mask. It is incredible that they think they can get away with this.
I have asked them for an explanation for the 100% increase in the deduction but they have failed to provide any explanation to justify this. During the three week period between 24/6/10 & 19/7/10 share prices actually rose significantly so if anything the amount deducted should have been less than originally quoted not 100% more. I want Legal & General to pay me the £800 they robbed me of as I had
counted on this money to pay towards my daughters wedding planner.