Dear Sir,

I would like to complain about the appalling service I received at a local branch of a fast food establishment this past week. The Girl on the till was obviously just turned 10 and well, I found it incredibly rude of her to firstly not listen to our order correctly and serve my husband a coke instead of a coffee, but then go on to tend to a drive through customer who wanted a straw, an area she should have clearly not been in as she nearly caused an accident as the returning member of staff smashed into her coming the other way. She then decided to make a few batches of fries and mess about with the friars for a while all this time we are standing there waiting for our food totally gob smacked at the lack of attention she was showing to our order. On returning to our counter with the correct food and drinks I then had to ask for my receipt that had at some point during this escapade been screwed up and thrown in the bin. She then after handing me my crumpled receipt rescued from the bin smiled at me with her sqwinty eyes and crooked smile. I did not catch her name from her name badge as she was so small she could barley see over the till. With the amount of unemployed in the country today I’m flabbergasted that this establishment could stoop so low as to employ what only can be described as child labor, I’m sorry but if she said she was older than 10 she must have lied on her application form. After all do they check any birth certificates when they employ these young kids.

For god sake this one still had a plaster on her and not so well fitting NHS specks.

Yours Respectfully,