I want to complain about the time keeping of the 111 that picks up at the spar on Leyland lane at 7 stars and goes past the gables down Hough lane 2 weeks ago an inspector told me that they ran every 15 mins but everyday it comes at totally random times Friday the 6th it came at 450pm but today I was waiting from 440 until 520 when it finally arrived I rely on this bus to get me to work I work at 2 banks and start between 5pm and 515 but the terrible service means I’m either late for work or having to get a taxi which I cant afford they should be at least the same time every night not 455 one night then 520 the next it means the difference between a nights pay and me loosing money its just not good enough I have always used fishwicks and hooe to carry in useing the 111 but something has to be done about the irregular times Janet woodward