Dear Ms Horton

Thank you for your letter dated 15th September in which you set out the reasons why you will not be paying the loan protection I assumed I would be entitled to by taking out your insurance.

I took loan protection insurance out with you as it seemed the sensible option given that the media was full of stories of financial meltdown, mass redundancies and general impending doom. Frankly, we could argue all day long about what constitutes being ‘notified of unemployment’. I still hold the view that I was initially notified about ‘a period of consultation’ within a month of taking out the insurance, not ‘unemployment’, but I’m sure that Lloyds lawyers are very good, diligent and expensive. Frankly I can’t be bothered to enter into what would undoubtedly be a very prolonged and boring fight which the massive organisation you work for would inevitably win.

It seems far more sensible to just cancel my insurance with you, which I’m notifying you of forthwith. It is much more satisfying to think that I wont be paying you around £2000 for the pleasure of you finding a clause in the terms and conditions that stops me from enjoying the benefits of the insurance should anything else go wrong.

Yours disillusioned,

Lee Mannion