My dining experience at Casa Morita in Brixton was disappointing to say the least. I have been to several places in Brixton Village and have always experienced very good standards, with good value for money. Casa Monita is probably the most expensive restaurant I have been to in Brixton, with the most limited menu and the blandest food. Our food arrived immediately, (not a great sign), and it looked and tasted very unappetising. I had the enchilladas, which were basically three soft tortillas folded over with a small amount of vegetables inside, with a very watery sauce over the top. Look, I’m not Mexican, but I am sure they are supposed to be baked. My friend’s dish was also uninspiring, lacking in any distinguishing Mexican flavour. There were no options to add extra spice to the meals and they were extremely mild. The last nail in the coffin is that they didn’t even do nachos!! Seriously, what kind of Mexican restaurant doesn’t serve nachos?!!! Honestly, this was the worst dining experience I can remember and a complete rip off! I actually would have enjoyed a MacDonalds more and I’m a vegetarian. This restaurant definitely needs to expand their menu and send their chef on some extra cookery lessons.