i am writting this letter of complaint as i am so angry with the way i have been treated with a home delivery. I orderd a bed for my little boy in july i was informed it would be with me by 16 aurgust this did not turn up when i phoned i was informed they could no longer do this i was mad as my little boy did not have a bed. i then got told i would recieve my full order by 29 aurgust when this time came i recieved half a bed. I called them to see what had happened they informed me i had to wait for the rest as this was not in stock, it is know 13 october and im still waiting. i feel so emotional as i feel let down as they have been nothing but full of promises. i wont compensation for the way i have been mis led it is tottally wrong and i will not put up with it any more i want my little boys bed in full order recieved as soon as possible.
beryl page