I have been a sky customer since 2000 and i am very angry in the way sky has treated me.

I got which i thought was a new sky plus box which i paid full price for only to find out it was a second hand box i called and complaint to sky who apologies and said that for my inconvenient instead of paying £10 a month i would pay £4.25 as long as i am a sky customer.

I move to my new address in august 2009 and once again had a lot of problems with sky spoke to some one in sky in December 2009 explaining all the upset i had with sky and was offer ½ price sports and movies which i gladly said yes the offer ends on 1st of march i went to the bank to check my statement to my horror i saw that sky took £55 out of my account when sky usually take out £34.20 i call sky today trying to find out what the hell happen only to find out that sky has been charging me £10 for the sky plus box instead of £4.25 i am very angry and fed up with sky and their blunders sky is a big company who has a data base and would image that if a customer complain by phone call or e-mail they would still have that information i want a full investigation i have had enough of sky i want this matter looked into straight away am waiting for a very quick response in to this.

Yours Sincerely