On 13th Sept,2011 at 7:00PM when I went to shop at Tesco Metro, I was asked to go out of the shop by the manger. He claimed that there is CCTV footage of me stealing some cream from Tesco Metro three weeks back.
I initially thought that he’s a mad person and tried to avoid him. But then realised that he’s a manager. I had to come of the store. He refused to give this in writing. He told that I was barred from entering Tesco before as well.

The fact is that I was out of station 3 weeks back. I have never been barred before. All his allegations are false. He has mistaken me for someone else. I have been shopping in Tesco for last 4 years and did not have any issues so far.

I called up the police. But they said this is a civil issue and they can’t get involved. I then went to the Tesco Extra shop. I talked to a manger named Dave. He said he had no idea of what happens in Tesco Metro.

I then went back to the store. Noted the name of the manger(Orlando Correia) and asked him the details of the incident. He refused to talk to me. I waited outside the shop for a long time. Then the security person came out for a smoke. He told me that the incident happened 3 weeks back. Cream name is Bonjela(I then searched in internet to understand what it is) and the manger was informed by a staff that I was barred earlier. Hence he asked me to go out. When I asked for a proof, the security told me that the statement by the staff can be considered a proof.

What can I do to prove my point? Can I request a third party to view the CCTV footages and verify the details. Can a Tesco manger refuse entry into the store and humiliate a person by calling him a thief just based on comments by a staff? On what basis can a staff say this? I am sure; the staff has mistaken me for someone else.

Please let me know, what a person can do in such situations. I am ready to fight a case against them. I am looking for a quick solution.