Dear Argos,

A few weeks ago, your free gift voucher offer was launched, offering customers £5 for every £50 spent and £10 for £100 spent.

That weekend I decided to do some christmas shopping early and had nearly £500 worth of goods on my shopping list. Once in my local store, I approached an assistant to make sure the offer was still on before making my purchases. She informed me that the offer was no longer on. I queried with her as to when it would be returning to which she replied it would not be returning and was for that period of time only. Disappointed that I had lost out on such a large value of vouchers, I made my purchases anyway and went home.

Maybe a week or so later, to my surprise the offer was once again advertised, and has since been re-advertised several times! I honestly feel like the vouchers that should have been mine, £45 worth at least, have been taken from my own pocket! Friends told me to return the items and buy them back in order to reclaim the vouchers, but the items purchased included Nintendo DSi’s amongst other things and to be quite honest, I worried about the stock availability of the items and would rather not take them back in case I couldn’t re-order them. More to the point, why should I mess around with returns and refunds with a company that couldn’t be bothered to give me the correct information in the first place?

I just find the knowledge of the staff in this case to be unacceptable, we have lost out on extra gifts now because I was not given the correct information. May I suggest that regular memos are sent out to stores in order to brief the staff on such important things as communication. I can’t be the only person who has suffered from this, and Christmas shopping is difficult enough.

Thank you for listening