Dear Sainsburys,
im writing a small letter of complaint concerning your bacon. I got in from work after travelling half way across the country and on my way i arranged for 3 friends to come over, relax and spend the Friday night with me as i spend large amounts of time away from my friends due to my work commitments. When they arrived i offered them all a bacon sandwich each. Apon opening the bacon i found there to be 7 rashers rather than the 8 there should of been. As there was only 7 i ended up having half a sandwich. I am a bacon addict purchasing 2 x 16 packs every week and for nearly all 3 and half hours of my journey i was thinking about it and couldnt wait so found this hugely dissapointing.

1 of my friends here works for Asda and has assured me that this has never happened at his store to his knowledge. I am seriously considering doing all my future shops with them and will be dissapointed due to the unique and tasty products i found in your stores. Sorry Sainsburys.

Yours sincerely

Lee Speak