Ref The Giddy Bridge
10 – 16a London Road
SO15 2AF

Dear Sir / Madam ,

I visited your above mentioned establishment on Tuesday February 23rd 2010 with family and friends for a meal. Upon placing my food order I stated to the nice young girl behind the bar that I suffer from an allergy to peppers which can cause an anafalactic shock and therefore asked her specifically to notify the kitchen of this allergy. However when my meal arrived I was horrified to see that the salsa ketchup provided with my meal contained peppers despite my specific meal order for no peppers.

I spoke with the Manager who was barely out of nappies and to be frank his attitude and professional manner leave a lot to be desired he was rude abrupt and very offensive . I stated to him that I had stated my allergy when placing my order but he just ranted and raved at me and did not even apologise for the error. As a result of this I will not be using this establishment in the future and I shall warn my friends against using this establishment too. Customers make pay day possible and this young lad needs serious discipline and would benefit from a customer care course. I am not in the habit to pay for a meal and get free abuse with my main course . I trust that you will take this complaint seriously as I am sure you rely on repeat custom . My meal receipt number is 02/1856 and the meal cost me £18.02 some sort of compensation as form of an apology would be appreciated as I use Wetherspoons a lot and this is the first bad experience I have ever encountered and I also sure hope this will be the last bad experience too .