we visited the harvester in high wycombe cressex on the 29 august…. we had poor service our waitress did not look after us i waited 15mins for a drink then had 2 get up and find a member of staff and ask for them 2 get it…. also we waited bout half hour 4 her 2 clear the table after our main meal and waited 15mins 4 our 1st course 2 b cleared … the waitress called elizabeth only 1 time asked if we were ok … we also waited 2omins 4 our bill this im not happy about i had a word with the manger and told her i wasnt happy and all she did was take the 2 vodkas of the bill i had … i really dont this was appropiate for the service we had…. we had drinks put on our bill which we never had so i spoke 2 the manage again and she took them off and when she gave bill back she was rude just walked off without taking payment then we had 2 wait another 10mins 2 find some1 so we could b paid…… we did not get a appolige from the waitress and she finished her shift leaving our table i think thats rude and leaving another member of staff to take over….. i am really upset how we were treated today and wont to no what u r going to do bout it…….