This is a letter of complaint that I sent to Shoezone In June 2007

To whom it may concern

I feel I should bring to your attention the appalling behaviour I witnessed by your staff in your Maidstone branch.

After waiting an eternity to be served because the two staff at the counter were busy talking, one of them was wearing a supervisor badge! I heard quite clearly the other staff member say “look! At the size of that man’s gut, ugh, it’s huge”

Instead of the Supervisor reprimanding the staff member she looked to where she was pointing and agreed adding her ugh!

Obviously anyone who heard the conversation looked too, which was virtually all the customers as they weren’t quiet about it.

Firstly, members of staff should show some decorum when dealing with customers. I say customers because that fat man standing at the door was waiting for his daughter to pay for a pair of shoes for him.

I politely told your staff to keep their shoes and maybe in future they should show some restraint while vilifying people in front of their customers.

Not only was I disgusted with the conduct of the staff and supposed Supervisor.
That man’s daughter was me!

My family and I all avoid Shoezone now.

May I suggest some staff training, namely people skills, perhaps you should start with the supervisors although having said that she would have been trained by a manager! That could prove to be quite a problem.
Maybe a complete over haul of staff! Before you lose a lot of trade!

Yours sincerely

Patsy Sage