Dear Sir / Madam,

I am writing to you regarding the delivery of a kitchen I ordered through SimplyKitchens.

I received my kitchen on 18th March and was informed that the granite work surfaces would be delivered separately. I have been waiting for delivery of the granite since this time. This exceeds the 20 day waiting period stipulated on the back of the kitchen plan. On enquiring with your customer services department as to the reason for the delay, I have been told that the “van has broken down and is being repaired,” that the van is “off the road” that “the van has no tax disc” “that the log book has gone missing and we are waiting for a new one,” etc.

I have phoned your customer services department over 50 times and left countless messages asking to speak with the manager “Kelly” and have been told by the customer services personnel that “I can leave a message for her but I can’t guarantee that she will call you back.” I have been told by a member of staff that “it is not their problem” and that the manager will respond to my call “if she wants to” and that there is no other avenue for making my concerns known to senior personnel. I have asked for a contact number for someone in charge and have been told “there is noone.” I have sent an email to and again, have received no response.

This delay in the completion of the kitchen has meant that I have been unable to move into my house and hence I am paying two rents and will also have to pay my fitters a second fee to come back to the house to complete the plumbing and gas work for the kitchen. I have no water in the house when I am there and have to wash any dishes in a bucket in the garden. My work is being held up also since I work from home.

I am very dissatisfied with the poor customer support and the lack of effort to deal with or respond to my concerns. I have enquired as to whether the organization makes provision for such circumstances and if perhaps you could rent a van to make the deliveries or whether an alternative local supplier could send the granite, however have been told there is no provision for such circumstances. I do not think it is acceptable to endure a 6 week delay as it currently stands. I feel it is the company’s responsibility to ensure timely delivery of products and if you are unable to do so, an alternative arrangement should be made.

I feel that I should be compensated for the delay and inconvenience and additional costs to me. The costs incurred mean that having my kitchen supplied through Simply Kitchens has cost me considerably more than it would have done if I had bought a kitchen elsewhere, not to mention the inconvenience and the frustration of being so poorly treated.

I would be very grateful if someone could call and resolve this matter. I would hope that the matter could be dealt with immediately. If however I have not heard back from you in seven days with a viable solution and a plan to compensate me fully, I shall take the matter further as necessary.
I am sending this letter by fax and also in the post for your immediate attention.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs. S. Sharma