for the last few months i have been getting on the bus to and from college, i rely on your timetables to get to college i also do an evening course, i have let it go a few times when the buses have been late but now its just a joke in late for my two courses i do and i leave a hour early and because your buses are always late im always late… I feel you shouldn’t have a timetable if you go by it i take the 73bus to Bedford from sandy and its always the same and its never a few minutes late its an hour or half an hour it doesn’t come at the times its meant to it says every half an hour but its actually every hour, im not the only person with the same view most college students feel the same and also i feel we need double decker buses as at 8 in the morning during the week their is never enough room to get on and same with half 4 during the week and shorttown and kempton always get double deckers and don’t have not even half the amount we have on our bus, please take my thoughts and opinions into account as i feel a public service shouldn’t be running like this thank you.