1. Small Rooms

New homes are tiny little rabbit hutches with not enough room to swing a cat and there is absolutely no storage.

2. Paper Walls

The internal wall on new build houses are paper thin – they don’t stop the noise and make it difficult to put up shelves.

3. No Parking

Have you been to a new build estate recently? There is nowhere to park and worse still there is nowhere to walk as all the pavements are blocked with cars.

4. Snagging

New homes are shoddy and are full of inherent defects known as snags. This snagging defects drive owners mad as the builders don’t want to know and the consumer laws are inadequate .

5. Hidden Costs

Buyers are often shocked by the extra expense involved. In addition to the obvious costs for curtains, flooring and lanscaping, there is the cost of a professional snagger and the fixtures and fittings that previous owners of second-hand homes would have installed such as toilet roll holder, coat hooks, and towel rails.

6. Gardens

New build gardens are often little more than a tiny little square of compacted soil that will struggle to support any vegetation. This is due to it being compacted by heavy machinery and it will probably be full of builders’ rubble and waste.

In sumarry, do not buy a new build home.