Sunday World Newspaper
3-5 Commercial Court

Dear Editor(s)

I am writing to you with detestation in connection to your recent paper, which exposed that poor young lad hanging.
Both myself and my best friends mother found her 20 year old son dead as a result of him taking his own life and the strain, sorrow and distress that we and his 5 other siblings and the rest of our close knit family and friends have went through over this pas year is indecipherable which leads me to the point of my letter, Whilst shopping I stumbled across your newspaper which showed this sick and blasphemous photo that you saw fit to publish and print for the public to see, this has had adverse affects to how far I as a friend to the deceased have come since the loss of my lifelong friend and I am antagonized and mutilated to have saw that picture, more to the point I can only begin to imagine the effect this must be having on the family of the boy.

Yourselves as a newspaper printing for the public should not have been so thoughtless and inconsiderate to how printing that picture could effect your readers and I am certain that I will not be purchasing your paper ever again as a result of this betrayal of trust in you as an organisation providing information to readers and where you thought that as a story that was adequate and appropriate is beyond my comprehension you ought to be ashamed of yourselves and not that it would be of any benefit to myself or im sure the boys family but I think as an organisation you should be taking ownership of this and printing a formal apology and perceive the fact that you are in the wrong.

A lot of your readers are upset, shocked and down right disgusted and you need to take this on board!!!!

Yours regretfully

Anthony Hinton