Dear Harvester
Love your restaurants, get there when ever I’m offered a meal in Exeter,
However now four times this has happened,
1st time, no chickens spit roaster is out of action, not much else on offer either.
2nd time, visit with 3 hungry grand children after bowling, no chicken, no ice cream.
3rd time, no ribs, no chicken.
4th time, no chicken, waitress said they hadn’t put the order in Friday, no ribs,
no burgers, no baked potatoes, in fact she said we have hardly anything.
Also she said there would be a 40 minute wait!!!
How come when there isn’t any food.
So come on please Harvester I love dining with you but there comes a time
when people get fed up, so please keep a better eye on your restaurants
Still love your menu, many thanks Y,Blagg