Sainsburys in Meadowbank Edinburgh, are a total nightmare, being in outside catering it is important for me that my timings are spot on or my whole day is throwing into total chaos, try telling the staff at this branch ,that if it says on the opening times 08.00am, this doesn’t mean 10 past or 14 minutes past 8.00. as a long and outstanding loyal customer, and on average I spend £5.700.00 per week at this branch, I have now taken my business 1/4 of a mile to Morissons store.

My first stop this morning was to Sainsburys Meadowbank to pick up my milk, it was minus 3 degrees, and the staff decided that they would open the branch at 08.08, I don’t normally say anything, but when I did, I was told in a very rude and aggressive manner to see the manager, i only work here, surely in this economic climate, Sainsburys would try everything in their power, to try and keep loyal customers, or are they so powerful that they don’t need our custom