To: Air France – Europe
Customer Care Centre, TSA 21235, 75564 Paris Cedex 12, |France

Date: 4 March 2010

Subject: Quality Service of Air France
(Flying Blue Nos: 12345678)

Dear Customer Relation Manager,

Subject: Overall quality of service of Air France

My name is Stephen Scratcherd. I am a loyal customer of Flying Blue Program for more than 5 years. I liked to take the Air France flights because it is one of the airlines which provide service excellent to passengers.

Yet I took AF1281 from London to Paris on the 5th of Feb 2010, there was a flight delay for an hour that lead to long queue waiting time when I check-in. I had been waited for more than 40 minutes for the whole check-in process. While on board, the flight attendant carelessly spilt a cup of coffee on my suit. She apologized to me in a sleeping voice. When I arrived at Paris, I even found out that the surface of my luggage is damaged by the Luggage Service Agent.

I am really not happy about the inconvenience that the above situation was causing me a big loss. This is because I went to Paris mainly to attend an important business meeting, etc. my suit is spilt with coffee that made me feel so clumsy.

Meanwhile, I called the Flying Blue Program to double check the mileage and the mileage points has not been credited into my Flying Blue account. The Customer Service Agent lacked of knowledge and enthusiastic in solving my problems.

I should appreciate your looking into these matters and arranged for the broken luggage compensation and missing mileage points back to me as soon as possible. I am afraid that if you are unable to arrange for compensation within this month, I shall be compelled to cancel my Air France bookings in the near future.

Yours sincerely,

Stephen Scratcherd
Senior Sales Executive
Cariter Jeweller Co Ltd