I am a returning student, second year into my study. I have already received confirmation of how much i will be paid this year (2012) and the date it will be paid into my account.
The date came and went, 3 days later i rang the student loan department about the delay, only to be told i was over-paid in year 2010/2011, so therefore will NOT be getting any fincancial assistant for academic year 2012 AT ALL!!!.

You can imagine the rage, i went back into all the correspondent since i started this course, no letter to indicate this over payment, i was passed from one department to another, from one special investigation team to another, and still they have not said anything, initially i thought they will pay for my tuition fees, but all payment has being blocked now, and i dont know what to do, because if they do not pay for my tuition fees this year, the university will not allow me to continue with my study.

Does anyone have any idea what i should do, because am not working, i dont get income support, nor housing benefit, i have children, so far we lived on the student loan and maintance grant, now that has stopped untill year 2013 i was told by the student loan.

What should i do? Anybody?