To whom it may concern

On the 28th of June 2011, I was parked with the vehicle mentioned above in Aldi’s car park in Stockport, like I have done for years to do my shopping, as far as I was concern I had not broken the law, as I knew I could park there for two hours, I have been doing the same thing almost every week for years.

Almost 16 days later I had received a PARKING TICKET from ParkingEye, with a £ 40 fine, demanding the fine because I had not register my vehicle in the store, I was shocked to know, I there fore wrote a letter explaining that I had been shopping that day, I was then asked to prove with a receipt of purchase from that particular store.

I have already explained that I always do my shopping in cash, and once I get home, if everything is in order, then I do not keep the receipt, I have no reason to keep a receipt for 16 days. But ParkingEye is still demanding the fine.

What I like to know is, why customers of Aldi were not informed at the till, not to forget to register their vehicle before leaving the store? Instead, they deliberately were not informed in order to cash in from the situation. I have recently lost my business and £40 is a lot of money for me. As a result, not only Aldi has lost a regular loyal customer but have lost all my family who were shopping in Aldi.

Had I been informed of the changes Aldi was making as far as parking was concerned, then I would not allowed it to come as far as it has, As I believe I have not broken the law and that I was tricked in to this parking ticket, I am willing to go to court, next letter you receive, will be that of my solicitor, seeking compensation for harassment. Extremely disappointed at Aldis miss conduct.

A copy of this letter has been sent to ParkingEye.