14 Almond Tree Road Cheadle Hulme


Dear Sir/Madam

Re: Charge Notice 8053811

I am most grateful and thank you for placing the above charge notice on my windscreen on the evening of 29/10/2009.

Firstly, I must apologise as I did not realise that service station car parks were pay and display. I was under the impression they were free of charge and as such didn’t look for a ticket machine. I also didn’t realise that there was a problem parking behind a caravan but within the parking space. I was under the impression that it was HGV’s that couldn’t park where cars park but not vice versa.

However, if the above is the case and I have to accept that it is, please accept my apologies. What is in dispute though is that my ticket said I was there from 18.50. I think that maybe your ticket man needs a new watch because at 18.50 I had just arrived at a friend’s house in Bramhall to collect them for our journey. I know my Seicento is a nippy little number, but even Jensen Button couldn’t make it THAT nippy, and I didn’t actually arrive at the service station until 20.30!

I have enclosed a cheque for £45, however, in light of the above it would be nice if it was returned. If you are not prepared to do this I will look on it as a lesson learned and maybe you could put it towards a new time keeping device for your ticket man!!

Yours faithfully

Debra King