Dear Sirs,
Ref: ISxxxxxxxx

Please find enclosed my credit card details for payment of the above referenced Penalty Charge Notice. How apt is your Department Title “Parking Finance”!

I feel this is a hotly disputed penalty and reserve the right to appeal to a higher authority.

Upon parking, I observed that the parking slot in which I parked was legal to park in on a Sunday without payment but that “special” conditions applied on a “Match Day”. There was no indication as to what constituted a “Match Day” or, indeed, whether this day was itself a “Match Day”. Match in my vocabulary refers to an on-line dating service which, to date – so to speak, I have not required.

Upon tracing my route backwards, I found that there was a sign that said “Next Match…….” located close to xxxxxxxx roundabout; which location I had driven past some 4 hours earlier. There was no such sign at the entrance to xxxxxx Road which I used. (I have since been advised that there is a sign at the other end of xxxxxx Road but it does not display in both directions!)

Given the very busy nature of traffic in and around the xxxxxxxx roundabout, I contend that any driver, and particularly those not familiar with the locale, would be hard pressed to look at parking notices to see if today is a “Match Day” just in case they decide later to do a bit of parking during lunch! Indeed, any such driver would most certainly constitute a hazard and would run a grave risk of being charged with driving without due care and attention.

I believe that the London Borough of xxxxxxxxxx is responsible for giving full information to its non-resident parking community at the time they attempt to park. This will require that all Parking Restriction Signs include a list of “Match Days” where this constitutes a part of the restriction. At a minimum, it is necessary that a list is provided at each entrance to any street in which such a restriction applies. This is the contention I will be taking to a higher authority.

I enclose a stamped, addressed envelope for you to forward my receipt.

Yours faithfully,

Christopher Jones

p.s. I have since discovered that a “Match Day” refers to a football fixture involving a team of foreign chaps playing in the guise of one of your lot. The Borough is definitely offside!