To whom it may concern,
I am a dissatisfied customer of society. I feel that the work and effort that I put into my community is never returned in any way, shape or form. My attempts to be civil and polite go unnoticed in a society that has dissolved into rudeness – or, even worse, stupidity.

I object to people stopping in the worst possible places to have a conversation. Doorways, escalators and staircases should all be off-limits for a stationery chat. Is it right that good-mannered people, who understand that a level of thought or respect for our fellow human beings is necessary for a stable society, should be held up by conversations that are of no interest to them?

I object to the use of mobile phones by people who are unaware of how mobile phones work. You don’t have to shout into them. It is unfortunate but true that on the bus each day I hear about five different people telling me all about their lives; I’m not a stalker, merely a victim of the loud, irritating tones of the “shouter” (as my mother has termed them).

I object to people treating pavements as though they are their personal red carpets. Clearly, there is a great difference between the dusty, litter-strewn pavements of my home town and this luxurious symbol of fame. People will not move out of your way; that does not mean that it is acceptable to barge into them.

I am a dissatisfied customer of society and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Most of all, I complain because I am tired of what the outside world is turning me into. I promise, I’m not a bitter person. Not normally. This is just the way I react to bad manners.

And please, whoever it may concern, do not blame the youth. Until earlier this year I was a member of said youth; unless it has deteriorated considerably since I legally became an adult, the youth is not entirely to blame.

Yours sincerely,

A dissatisfied costumer.